Start a Club

Steps to Starting a RKC Chapter:

1) Make a commitment to start a Red Kettle Club in your school

2) Select a faculty member to serve as the sponsor

3) Download the charter application (found on right sidebar) and submit to the Salvation Army
• Charter name will be: name of school + Red Kettle Club (example: Corona del Sol Red Kettle Club)
• Get Principal Approval/Signature on application

4) Wait for Salvation Army approval
• Once approved, sponsor will receive charter certificate and local Salvation Army contact (example: Captain Robyn Bridgeo in Tempe is the Corona del Sol contact)
• Sponsor will receive approval to use Salvation Army logo for shirts, fliers, etc.

5) Commit to at least two club service projects per school year (example: Bell Ringing in December and Donation Drive in the Spring)
• Hold club meetings throughout the school year (at Corona del Sol we meet once a month)
• Require that each member must serve at least one hour of service per semester
• At Corona del Sol, members must pay dues of $15 that covers the cost of the t-shirt and the rest of the money is donated to The Salvation Army
• Create student officers (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Publicity Manager)

6) Start a Facebook page, an online Red Kettle, and take pictures of events to send to your local newspaper to increase awareness

7) Have fun, be creative, and enjoy doing the most good!


What Makes a Successful Red Kettle Club:

• A Supportive Sponsor
• Good communication with the local Salvation Army officers
• Dedicated, organized, and enthusiastic officers
• Activities that students see as fun rather than work
• Hands on activities vs. only bringing in money, canned goods, etc.
• Refreshments at meetings
• A welcoming environment – not a club for cliques, or just kids who have the best grades, etc.
• Students who are excited about volunteering
• Guest speakers!


Creative Things to do at the Kettle:

• Singing
• Play Instruments