The Corona del Sol High School Red Kettle Club, benefitting The Salvation Army of Tempe, Arizona, hosted a bottled water drive to benefit the homeless during Corona’s Homecoming week. Club members collected donations at the school on Saturday September 29th from 9am–11am.   A total of 65 cases (1879 bottles) of water were donated!

Last year the Tempe Salvation Army served over 7000 unduplicated homeless people. Daily, the Tempe Salvation Army passes out over 120 bag lunches, each including a water bottle. The Tempe Salvation Army also serves as a hydration station for those in need of water. Last month over 3000 bottles were distributed at the Tempe location.

Katie Wilkinson, founder and President of the Red Kettle club said, “Our club’s purpose is to help others in our community. Just one bottle or case truly makes a difference. I am so proud of the students in our Red Kettle Club for helping the homeless during our Homecoming week!”

“We must remember that the homeless are exposed to the elements and in desperate need of water,” adds Tempe Salvation Army Captain Robyn Bridgeo. “We really need and appreciate the help from the community.”

“Cold water is a luxury to some…thank you so much for making it possible for us to make it accessible to them!” added Captain Stephanie Bridgeo.